A few thoughts from Nancy Husari

Goal-free art

By Nancy Husari | Oct 7, 2012

I’ve been very focused on getting ready for A.P.E., and I’ve gotten a lot done this week. I also went to a great panel discussion by several cartoonists at the Contemporary Jewish Museum today. When they were asked the eternal question, “How did you get published?” their answer was that’s it’s best to self-publish a…

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By Nancy Husari | Oct 4, 2012

I can’t resist sharing about how much progress I made in APE (Alternative Press Expo) preparation today. The floorstand arrived in the mail (to display my poster) and the sample grommets fit the hooks on the floorstand, so I can go ahead and have Kinko’s make the poster. I also ordered a smaller (8 1/2…

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Why are we “drawn” to technology?

By Nancy Husari | Sep 30, 2012

Tired. I did 4 hours on my art this week. (I’d committed to 5) It shows how important it is to carve out, write on the schedule, times when I am going to do my creative work before the week starts. It doesn’t even matter what I “work” on; as long as I’m present and…

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Starting Over

By Nancy Husari | Sep 23, 2012

I did 2 hours on my art this week. It’s so tempting to say what I DIDN’T do. (I had committed to 6 hours), but part of the process is about being OK with not finishing the commitment and just starting over again. I did one hour earlier in the week on businessy things in…

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Creating the Time to do Art

By Nancy Husari | Sep 17, 2012

In 1986, I came up with a system (or rather a system came to me) to commit to a certain number of hours per week to work on your (my) creative project. I got the idea from an article on creativity in Glamor Magazine. They said to commit to LESS time than you think you…

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September 16, 2012

By Nancy Husari | Sep 16, 2012

Today, I went to my Graphic Novels meetup group in San Francisco. There’s a group of four of us who have been meeting since the beginning of 2010. Four new people came today. A great way to share ideas, network, and see what other artists and writers are doing. I’ve never blogged before, so I’m…

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