I started off 2013 right by landing in Paris on New Years Day. Paris seems to kickstart my art. I’d spent a few months of June there a few years back (before the cats, the condo, and the paycuts) and I wrote in my journal that it was like being in a giant art bath. On my most recent trip, I was there for a little over a week. It was different from my trips to Paris in the summer, when it stays light until 11PM. In the winter, it’s dark and drizzly, and I spent most of my time alone on this particular trip. I knew I’d want electronic company, so I brought my computer (a first for me), and signed up for a couple of meetup groups before and during my trip. I ended up with a meetup drawing group twice—once in an art studio for an “intuitive drawing workshop,” and once at the Louvre. When I returned to the USA, I ended up joining three more art meetup groups (in addition to the Graphic Novel group that I’ve been in for a few years). The most noteworthy is Alameda Artists, a group of highly energized and supportive artists, who have taught me, among other things, that my pages and pages of “mindless” sketching are works of art in and of themselves. This particular sketch was started at a Graphic Novel meetup at our usual hangout in San Francisco. (I was so mesmerized by my friend, Amaroq’s, double paged drawings that I kind of copied her layout—thanks, Amaroq), and did a lot of the rest of it at Alameda Artists meetups. Thanks to all of my art friends, new and old. It’s great to be an artist among artists.