PictureYesterday was Day One of APE. It was pretty overwhelming. I haven’t sold a lot (yet), but I’ve made some good contacts, and I’ve been giving free copies to publishers. I also reconnected with Trina Robbin of Wimmen’s Comix, and if I can get it together to find and frame the one cartoon that I did for the last issue of Wimmen’s Comix way back in the early 90s, I can be included in the Wimmen’s Comix exhibit at the SF Public Library in November. (Details to follow.)
The most gratifying moment of Day One came at the very end. A security guard (named Reina) stood at the door near my table all day from 8AM until 7PM. As I was packing up my stuff, she asked if she could see my book. She had been looking at my banner for 11 hours, and she was curious about what it meant. I brought her the book, and I talked to her about what the title (Mother Earth Says Wakey Wakey) and the image mean to me, and she wants to buy a copy of my book.
And now it’s Day Two.