I have another event coming up in two weeks—the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, and I have had a goal of creating ten cat prayer flags (see previous post) to see how they’d sell. I cleared out my schedule and had a goal of making five prayer flags today. Easy, right? Not so fast. The new “improved” printable fabric that I bought online kept getting jammed in the printer, so they don’t work. Then I tried painting cats on normal fabric, and discovered that wasn’t so easy either. Also, I had to keep using the cat hair roller on the fabric. I know that they’re cat prayer flags, but I don’t think people want cat hair on them. It’s so important that the lines of the cat are drawn quickly and expressively to catch cat body language. It’s hard to do that when I’m trying not to make mistakes so that I can possibly sell these things. I worked until noon and then left the house for other pursuits. I ended up in a shop on San Pablo, run by a very artistic woman who may be a good contact. I told her about the unsuccessful cat prayer flags, and she laughed with me. She said that we artists have these great ideas sometimes that sound like they’d be so easy, but we run into all sorts of obstacles. Then this evening a friend came over, looked at the unsuccessful cat prayer flag with all of the “mistakes” and liked it.