Yesterday, I went to the Alameda Ferry with a new sketching group. I spent about an hour doing the black and white drawing of the crane above. After I gained an intimate knowledge of the crane, I was able to do a quick pen/watercolor sketch. Afterwards we went to a cafe and talked about art for a couple of hours. Sketching in a group seems to be one of the best ways for me to live in the present and to forget about all of the complications of “real life.” This is a great skill to have during this time of crisis at City College. I’ve also been working on a City College cartoon off and on all weekend. I feel grateful that I’m still able to have this outlet and do these cartoons. It feels like the stakes are higher now in publishing truly honest work about what’s going on at CCSF. The current administration is not known for its ability to laugh at itself. Oh, I’m also going to try to put a link of the photograph of the crane.