PictureI am posting a picture of my art studio. It’s never been this orderly before. I spent┬áSEVEN hours over a three day period decluttering for the appraiser. Now that it’s this orderly, I am hoping to get a clutter consultant in to help me with my goal for 2013—a place for everything and everything in its place. The appraiser and I spent most of the time talking about art and creativity. He was really interested in my photograph (see below) of La Geode, a dome like thingy in Paris. I encouraged him to make time for creativity (he’s into photography), and our conversationPictureencouraged me to take photographs in Paris. I took this photo of La Geode with a throw away camera, and it ended up getting a fair amount of attention at one of the Alameda Women Artists Exhibits. About the title of this post—I literally will be flying into the New Year. I leave tomorrow and land in Paris on January 1. Click the photo below for a link to an article about the image.