PictureI had one helluva time getting this done today. I’ve had the idea for awhile, and I thought it would be easy to draw, but I procrastinated all day and am not entirely happy with the results, but I do like the flying monkey a lot. Sometimes that’s just how it is with a deadline. You just have to finish it. I think I’m also just tired and distracted by lots of things, some good, some bad. Piles and piles of essays that seem like they will never end, a dirty house that seems like it will never get entirely clean, and planning a winter vacation. One thing that I absolutely MUST do is buy new pens. Oh, a big (good) distraction was the Wimmen’s Comix exhibit opening yesterday. Sometimes I honestly don’t know how I do all that I do. I am seriously considering taking a sick day in addition to the Veteran’s Day Holiday. Do you think I should do it?