PictureI Know my Facebook friends are probably sick of looking at this self portrait by now, but I want to blog about it a bit. (Pretty self-absorbed, aren’t I?) I really like this self-portrait, and it was fun getting feedback on it on Facebook yesterday. I have hated self-portraits in the past. I did my first one in an art class when I was in my early thirties. I was horrified because during the critique, I was told that I made myself look younger than I actually looked. I hadn’t realized that I looked older than my younger self until that moment. After that, whenever I had to do a self-portrait, I drew every crows foot, and made myself look about a hundred years old. Fast forward to yesterday, and I really feel like I captured my essence in this self portrait. It seems pretty ageless, and at this point, who cares if I make myself look young? I’ve earned the right to make myself look young if I feel like it. I also like it because I look serious without looking like a sourpuss.