I met with two different art groups this weekend. On Saturday, I went to Rodeo Beach with the SF Sketchers. I learn so much from drawing with other people. A few weeks ago, I saw someone create a frame on a page and draw within it, so I tried it out this weekend. It made the drawing much more manageable, and left some room on the page for writing, too. I love the show and tell after the drawing sessions too. Drawing in nature is much more in my comfort zone than indoor drawing scenes. But it’s good to draw in areas outside one’s comfort zone. I remember the day that I learned how to draw water. It was June, 2002 in the South of France. Now “water” is part of my drawing vocabulary. Then today (Sunday), I met with my Graphic Novel Group in our usual cafe in San Francisco, and while talking, I did the watercolor below of the same scene from memory.