Went to Social Drawing Group today at Mission Creek Cafe. The core group was there (Leena, Amaroq, Barney the Dog, and Myself). As a result, the conversation was juicier than usual since we’ve all known each other for years. The group was true to its name, and we all drew or painted or both for the entire two hours as we talked. This is what I did—watercolor with pencil and a little pen over the watercolor. No work tomorrow, so the afternoon segued into the evening. Leena and I met a traveler/photographer on the corner with some fabulous photos of Cuba from 2002 and 2004. We were on Valencia Street, Ground Zero for the Google People, so we spent a fair amount of time analyzing the Google People. They certainly are less noticeable than the dot-commers of the late 90s. I think there’s more humility in this crowd. The dot-commers of the first dot-com boom arrogantly thought there was no end to the wealth. My sense is that this new group knows how vulnerable they are. The new bubblette could burst tomorrow. We ended the evening at a great Ethiopian restaurant.