There’s no getting around it. The only way to be successful at art (and by success, I simply mean to get something done.) is to sit in the studio and do it. The “studio” can be a real studio, your kitchen table, or a nice spot in a café. And if you haven’t done it in awhile, it’s the last thing in the world you want to do. And there are all kinds of excuses. Most of them involve other stuff that you “have to” do, but they can also be about weird noises, temperatures, or the fact that the kitty litter is several feet from the art table. And when you finally DO get into the art studio and open the sketchbook, it feels like you’re doing nothing for an hour. But eventually something happens, and it’s the only way to get there in my experience.

I also find it helpful to get external inspiration. I had a lovely day at the De Young Museum last Thursday. I went to see the Nureyev exhibit, and the Girl With the Pearl Earring happened to be there too. The etchings were amazing. I also went to see Les Miserables (for the second time) during the Superbowl. What a great work of art that is (even though I had to shush some people for blabbing through the whole thing.)