I just got a Wacom tablet (which is now called something else), so I can draw my scratchy little black lines in Photoshop. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s like being able to use a pen (with as fine or as thick a line as you want) right on your images on the computer. My artist friends have been encouraging to think of my sketchbook art as art, rather than crazy doodles that the world will never see. I’ve been experimenting with scanning images into the computer and cleaning them up a bit in Photoshop (My sketchbook pages often have nice images on them, but they also have scribbly notes about god knows what, and it’s necessary to get some of those notes off the page and often replace them with something else, such as my scratchy black lines.) This has been awkward, if not impossible when trying to use my finger as my pen on the trackpad. With the Wacom tablet, problem solved! I’ve known about these things for years, but didn’t know how cheap they were. Anyway, now I’m happy, happy, happy. I’m going to try to upload some images, so you can see how an image can be transformed from a sketchbook page, to a page without all the crazy notes all over them, and then cropped into a smaller image for a greeting card or whatever.