Tired. I did 4 hours on my art this week. (I’d committed to 5) It shows how important it is to carve out, write on the schedule, times when I am going to do my creative work before the week starts. It doesn’t even matter what I “work” on; as long as I’m present and NOT DOING ANYTHING ELSE, something happens. Most of my art was sort of business-y this week as I’m preparing for APE (Alternative Press Expo) in 2 weeks. Exciting, but a little scary. This blog/commitment thing does make me go down to the studio on Sunday nights and do something just for fun. I like to listen to KCSM (the jazz station) while I work down here. (I say “down here” because the living area in my condo is upstairs and the bedrooms are downstairs. One of the bedrooms is my art studio, but it really belongs to the cats, and they know it.) My just for fun piece this week is the beginning of a pastel drawing. I drew with a fine ballpoint pen, and then intended to “color” in pastel….but before I knew it, I had scanned the pen drawing into the computer, and I was trying to add color there. And I was frustrated. I came to my senses, took the drawing out of the scanner, and drew the old-fashioned way. Why are we so “drawn” to technology? I’ve noticed that many conversations with friends often segue into involved discussions about our respective phones, contracts, and carriers. Why is that? As I said, I’m tired, so I’m rambling.