PictureIt’s been quite a week. I was trying to recover and catch up from APE, but I was given the opportunity to submit a piece to the 40th Anniversary of Wimmen’s Comix Exhibition. The catch was that I had to find my one Wimmen’s Comix piece (from 1992) and get it framed by Saturday (yesterday). I managed to do that, but midway through the week, I found out I also had to do a self-portrait, and I had to bring the framed piece and the self-portrait into San Francisco at 6PM on Saturday night. (For those who live in the East Bay, you know what the traffic is like at that time). I did the self-portrait on Saturday morning, and my friend, Andrea, DROVE me into San Francisco. She should be nominated for sainthood for doing that. We left Richmond at about 6, and got to Trina Robbin’s house at about 7:30. Trina has a fantastic cat named Winston, by the way. Andrea and I went out to dinner and went back to Richmond via The Richmond (and the Golden Gate Bridge). I got home at 10PM. Oh, what we do for art. The panel to the left is the title panel for the comic.